STAR Workplace

The STAR Workplace Report also provides analysis by demographic grouping, management and employee perspective, department and location.

Tactical Coach will work with you to nominate an internal coordinator to organise the STAR Workplace assessment program for your team.This includes three simple steps:

1. Team Surveys

Your employees will be provided with an individual survey which can be completed in an online or paper based format. The information they provide is completely confidential and individual responses are only available to Tactical Coach for the analysis and compilation of the STAR rating. The survey is designed to find out what your employees think about the workplace and any suggestions for improvement. In the report data, you will receive both positive and constructive feedback to celebrate and improve your workplace together.

2. A Meeting with the Manager

During the meeting, Tactical Coach will conduct a survey session with the business owner/ manager to measure your satisfaction with the workplace. The STAR Workplace program is one of the first workplace programs that gives employer satisfaction the same level of importance as Team satisfaction. The program measures how satisfied you are with the business and how well the team works together to make your business strategy happen.

3. A STAR Results Meeting

This workshop meeting will be conducted with you, the business owner/ manager, to evaluate the report results and Executive Summary. You will receive your STAR Workplace rating. You will also have the opportunity to work with your HR Coach to build your action plan for the future based on the results of your STAR rating.

How does my organisation become involved?

Any organisation, regardless of size, can be involved. To learn more about how the STAR Workplace Program can assist your organisation: Contact Tactical Coach - [email protected]