Outsourced HR Services

We understand that small businesses need HR support but they may not need a full time HR Manager.  Tactical Coach works with clients to develop and implement strategic, structured HR Plans that are proven to reduce workforce costs, optimise workforce effectiveness and drive measurable improvements in business performance.

Outsourcing HR helps reduce the administrative headache and keeps you in legal compliance. Tactical Coach can assist with the full spectrum of HR services.  We develop customised tools for the business, to help manage their workforce, including policies, position descriptions and employment contracts.  We can also create systems and processes to allow business owners to better manage poor performance as well as to develop their new supervisors and future leaders. All businesses need HR support and advice.  Now, no matter how large or small, all business can access quality HR advice and assistance on an affordable scale. 


Coaching is the one of the most effective learning processes for both individuals and teams.  Tactical Coach has carefully designed coaching programs in the following areas:

  • One-on-one HR Coaching.  We offer one-on-one coaching to find the solutions for developing your people management skills, develop new ways to attract new and retain existing staff, and planning for the future.
  • Team Coaching.  Tactical Coach conducts staff workshops and focus groups to improve teamwork, work processes and your customer’s experience.  Team coaching is also beneficial when you need to refocus your team on important workplace priorities and their responsibilities.
  • Coaching for performance and development, and for Future Leaders. We can assist you to develop and implement practical performance management systems and processes that actually work, and shift a business culture from one of laying blame, to a culture of improvement.  Programs can also be tailored to develop future and aspiring leaders in your business.
  • Coaching for HR Skills.  This is aimed at developing newly appointed HR personnel, or people show ‘by default’ manage the human resource sin your organisation.  The coaching takes place in your business, on a regular basis to build and develop the necessary skill set to manage and develop your HR.

Workshops and seminars

Tactical Coach, and our sister company, Tactical Trainer, have an extensive background in training staff at all levels of your business.  Our goal is to meet your business needs and we will tailor training accordingly.  We provide high quality training programs in

  • Starting staff (Induction and orientation)
  • Team work
  • Management and leadership development
  • Communication
  • Hire Manage Fire... the right way
  • Attracting and retaining staff
  • Anti-discrimination, Bullying & Harassment Training
  • The Manager. The Coach. The Mentor Workshop

Details of many more training programs in Personal and Professional Effectiveness, Communication Excellence, and Supervise, Manage, Lead are available through our sister company, Tactical Trainer